Marvis Stewart MNCS (Accred) MBACP
Marvis StewartMNCS (Accred) MBACP 

My Services 


Counselling for adults who may be experiencing emotional difficulties in their personal life and or work due to change of jobs, moving, bereavement, separation-divorce, pregnancy-terminations, existential and/or middle life crisis.

Adolescents & Young adults

Counselling adolescents and young adults who may be going through a difficult time due to social anxiety, new developing relationships, peer pressure, self-harming thoughts, academic expectations from school and family, social media exposure and managing, exploring gender and sexuality, transitioning into adulthood.


Counselling for anyone within the LGBQ community. I believe that all of us have the right to be happy and fulfilled regardless of our sexuality. I welcome all clients who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, questioning, or just curious about their sexuality.

Transgender and Partners 

Counselling for anyone that may be questioning their gender and is wondering whether they may be transgender. 

Counselling for partners of identified transgender people who may be wanting to explore what this means to them. 

Appointments at :

147 Shirley Road



SO15 3FH


Counselling sessions are held in-person or online. 




Phone: +44 07787 561165

If I am with a client, please leave a text message.


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Frequently asked questions about general counselling and my approach. Check out the FAQs section.